GBBG Bitbillions Business Model Decision


GBBG Bitbillions members Skype room announcement by our CEO Mr. David Ruebush

The hard reality and business decisions being taken behind the scenes to make for a more streamline, efficient and more effective business model, building stability and credibility to ensure that GBBG and its members can finally get down to doing some real business.

[01/05/2016, 09:30:33] David Ruebush: (headbang)

“Update everyone: It appears the forced update from WordPress has done very severe damage to our website. I have been working on it around 20 hours a day for 3 days now. I plan to take some time off today to rest my brain and body a bit. Then, will return to work in my evening. Here are a few points for update so you can know what is up and spread the word to your teams and downlines:

1. The forced update from WordPress on the 28th appears to have altered code and created a situation where WordPress is forcing a javascript redirect on our pages in an unusual manner. Our site is 100% ssl (https) and we process all browser requests and redirections at the domain and server block level. So, from the point of view of WordPress, 100% of our traffic comes in as ssl (https) on port 443 as it should. Our WP code is all set up correctly for this and WP should see all traffic as SSL and should behave accordingly. For some reason, it is not. For some reason, it is randomly treating requests as SSL or Non-SSL and when it thinks a request is Non-SSL it forces a javascript redirect to SSL and ignores it’s own user-logged-in sessions and cookies. This causes the behavior where you can sometimes sign in, sometimes not, and almost always get kicked out to the homepage even when you are signed in. Because each page request is randomly treated by WP and will eventually be redirected. I am working with senior level coders on this issue, but they are mostly off until Monday, so I don’t expect much improvement until after Monday.

2. I have been in deep discussions with the FAC about this issue and the development of ProfitPages over the past week or so. We are making some important decisions that will affect the entire launch, structure, and future of GBBG and ProfitPages. Due to some of these changes, we are considering to simply ignore the current issue with WP and migrate to an entirely fresh, clean, new server/database network designed purely from scratch for ProfitPages. I personally think we have a winner with ProfitPages. When you see it, you will understand. I think our business is very fractured. We have an ad network, a pay-to-view site (tasks), affiliate marketing network (shop), recruiting tools (team builder), and alternative advertising network (agency). However, they are all kind-of sporadic and disassociated. I think PP will bring them all together and make sense. And, we are discussing ways to make the entire GBBG business model MUCH SIMPLER to understand, use, explain, and promote.

3. We will make a decision tomorrow (Monday) as to whether we will continue to pour precious time into the current site/servers, or simply put all traffic into a “holding pattern” for a few days while we move to fresh clean servers that are 100% dedicated to the ProfitPages future.

4. I expect a full update available online for all members and site visitors by Tuesday.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Things were moving along very well until this sudden and unexpected technical outage caused by WordPress. And, by the way, we have worked with core WP engineers to write a special code that will ensure GBBG software is never forced updates again in the future. We will manually test and install updates from now on so that this type of thing never happens again. We already had standard WP hooks to prevent updates, but those hooks were ignored by this update because it was sent in a special way by WP themselves.

Enjoy your Sunday!”


Further to the above David also went on to announce…
[01/05/2016, 09:38:54] David Ruebush:

“One other point I would like to make. There are around 20 people in the FAC, including myself as CEO and David Newman as CMO. Combined, the members of the FAC own over 99% of GBBG and some of them have tens of thousands of dollars invested either directly in GBBG or into their Founder/Co-Founder accounts. The top 10 marketers in all of GBBG are in the FAC. And some of the wisest people in our membership. They are very good people who care a great deal about the future of GBBG for several reasons. First, because it directly affects their own investments and families. Second, because they have all be greatly vetted and they truly care about the future of YOUR business. It is amazing how often they suggest and vote to approve things that will directly harm their own personal business, because it is better for the greater good of GBBG or the “regular” members. These people are deeply thinking and discussing ProfitPages, the history of GBBG, the future of GBBG, and how to make something that is absolutely the best possible for you. I know we have been experiencing many delays the past month, but I assure you, it is because members of the FAC have begun to understand and point out how we can take the opportunity with ProfitPages to make GBBG into something that can go mainstream, viral, and really, truly offer you a chance at anything from a few extra hundreds of dollars per month, to a steady financially independent income, to great wealth. This concept that is emerging really has that potential. It may take us a bit longer to roll it out than expected. Maybe even another month. But I assure you these people are making sure that this time, GBBG has a product that NOBODY can compete with or compare to. You will see. This is going to be massively worth the wait. So, I truly appreciate your patience and understanding. 20 people are working very very hard to make sure your future is much better than expected!”

To conclude… Perhaps the WordPress issue has delivered a blessing in disguise… allowing more clarity to the direction GBBG were always meant to be heading… exposing the realization that this IS the Only way forward.